Creativity cures the soul!

I consider myself an intuitive painter as I have had no formal training. As a kidney disease survivor since age 2 and now living with my 4th kidney transplant, I have learned it is important to live in the moment, savor what is beautiful and not take life for granted. I use my intuition to create art to help me heal, reenergize myself and deal with pain a serious chronic illness can cause. Most of my work is bright and colorful, others less so. My goal is to express what I am feeling in the moment.

My renderings are a manifestation of my inner dialogue. Sometimes somber, but mostly of encouragement and hopefulness. I use many mediums such as Inks, Acrylics, Encaustics and Pan Pastels. Much of my work is focused on objects of nature and has an abstract feel. Watching the oceans and skies, landscapes and flowers take form before my eyes brings me the ultimate joy. I have discovered that painting produces positive endorphins and I want to share the experience with those who may need a little coaxing to experiment with art. My hope is that my paintings will inspire others to embrace their inner artist. I also teach art and jewelry design workshops at Studio Hope in Glendale, California.

All sales benefit the Renal Support Network's life-enriching programs for people who have kidney disease, are on dialysis or have received a kidney transplant. Learn more at and

Creativity cures the soul! –Lori Hartwell

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